Monday, 22 February 2010

sigh central.

So spring is looming.. or is it? It actually full on snowed during the night a few days ago. Temperatures are freezing again which I feel is having a dramatic effect on my mood. Roll on the times where I can go out and not have to wear the coat/scarf combination.

I'm feeling tired a lot of the time, mostly due to the amount of work I've been getting from uni. I'm expected to complete 2 sets of spanish homework every week, then I have my major assignments to prepare for. Doing PR aswell is going to be a challenge as it involves more group work, thankfully all of my group are on my spanish course too so at least we are all free at the same time. Also money has had a dramatic effect on life, or lack of money I should rephrase. Being a student really is a strain on the wallet, living away from home really is costly. Simple things such as food cost an absolute fortune and it totally blows.

On a plus, I've been selling some old stuff on ebay to a partial success. I've made £ 28.52 so far from selling 5 items, so hopefully this will continue on a positive streak!

The link to my selling page is right here so feel free to buy anything if you are interested :)

Roll on the weekend, friday payday and possibly this beauty...♥


  1. actually cannot wait ! even though most of it will be gone straight away as usual.. weep

  2. Being a student is hard. I agree,I can hardly balance my time.


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