Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Hello my fellow bloggers, :)

This is just a little blog to update you with recent events, as I haven't blogged in over a week now uh oh!

So its the easter holidays now, (woop woop) i finished uni on friday and now have 2 weeks off unfortunately not completely as i still have to go to work at the weekends booo.
I decided to come home and spend some time with my mum for the hols, just came back today and I must say I'm loving it already !
Went out on Friday night to Wire with my best Laura, it was a drum n bass night which was sweeeet cut short due to Laura getting sick bless her. Got a few pics from the night to share with you.

Charlotte was out with her friends from work on the theme of 1940's pin up/sailor girls haha they are not just mad for it ;)

I managed to get my hands on a GaGa lipstick for MAC courtesy of Laura (thanks!!) which you can see me wearing in the pics above. It glides on so easily and the colour it produces once on is stunning.

On another note, i got some new things today yey! A cute anchor ring from Topshop, and a rose detailed vest top. Fancied a treat :)

Excuse my shabby hands, they are in need of some tlc at the mo. Also you can't see well on the picture but the heart has white polka dots in it !
Ring, Freedom@Topshop £7

Not a great picture as its been thundering today so not alot of natural light ahah!
Vest, Topshop £14

Got my eye on these few beauties I think I'm gonna invest in tomorrow:

Topshop, £28

Urban Outfitters, £28

Urban Outfitters, £30

Saturday, 20 March 2010


So it's been nearly 2 years since my beautiful best friend Tish passed away. On the 14th April I will be going to visit her grave in Harrogate. The above picture is the tattoo I got in commemoration. People generally ask what the 'always' means and I guess its really nice that people are interested in what it is and I am quite happy to explain to them about Tish even though she is no longer here.

Me and Tish in 2004, when we were 14. 

This is me and Tish when we were 15, at our year 11 school prom in 2005. 

Tish is on the right, i think this is one of her most beautiful pictures. Her sister Lara, and nephew Dom are with her ♥

This is one of the last pictures taken of her, she looks stunning.

I miss her everyday, the thing that hurts me most is the fact I hadn't seen her since December 2007, and she passed in April 2008, meaning i hadn't seen her for 4 months, and i texted her a few nights before she died with no reply. I'll always wonder what that reply would have been had she texted me.

It would have been the 7th year of our friendship this year but I am so grateful for the 5 years i had with her, she made such an impact on my life that i will never forget her

Rest In Peace Beautiful Tish

14-07-89- 14-04-08

Friday, 12 March 2010

Hola fellow bloggers!

Just thought I'd share a few snapshots that I got developed recently on my fisheye camera from nights out this year/just before christmas last year, enjoy :)

Winston's Garden@ Wire, 19/02/10

Winston's Garden@ Wire, 19/02/10

Getting ready@ Charlotte's before Winston's

Bigger than Barry and Wax:On Present: Major Lazer@ Mint Club, November 2009.

Winston's Garden again.

This last picture I am in the peak of having a full on cold so I was trying to be a positive as possible, resulting in a goofy pic and me looking hellish! But yay for my best friend Laura.

Slamdunk@ The Cockpit, 02/03/10

Back to reality, I am so sad that Freddie was killed off in this week's episode of Skins. The way in which it was done was so brutal and made me feel VERY uncomfortable, it seemed too real. Agree?

Hasta luego ♥

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

lovely new things !

Hello, my lovelies.

Today is just a mini blog post as i really have not been feeling great the past few days. Woke up with a major coughing attack in the night, I kinda felt like i was dreaming... 

Anyway! Back to the point haha, I wanted to share my fabulous new buys from H&M (where i work)

Shirt £14.99 H&M
(staff discount =£11 :D)

The shirt is amazing I love it cause I can throw it over something for during the day and at that price !! The one thing I will say is it is very small fitting. I had to get a size 14 and the sleeves do come up sometimes but H&M sizing is very iffy. My size 10 friend had to get a size 14 dress once at H&M... not right at all !

Also, for my abundance of nail polishes i bought this really cute Hello Kitty cosmetics bag for only £1!! 

Alas, it is full already so I might have to get another one !

On another positive note, i heard back from one of the PR agencies I applied for work experience to, they said they want me to come for like 2-3 months if I want to get a good understanding of the business.. scary commitments ! So I have some big decisions to make, and I need to beg my auntie to let me come live with her in London for upto 3 months ! ♥