Saturday, 20 February 2010

get the ball rolling, as they say..

So here I find myself with my first blog post. I decided I wanted to blog because I guess its kinda like a diary, except you want people to read it. I can express myself, vent anger and such and hopefully you won't think I'm a lunatic.

So last night I went to Winston's Garden at Wire, a club in Leeds with one of my best pals Charlotte, had an amazing time! Such good beats, atmosphere and vibes from people. Wasn't as busy as last time yet it was still bangin!

Currently trying to do a translation for my spanish homework, actually cannot be bothered, especially seeing as I'm slightly demotivated by the fact I'm not doing as well as I should be in spanish. I blame it on the failure of last year that was my rubbish tutor. Despite getting a 2.1 overall, it was basic spanish that was far too easy and we didn't even get given work that could improve our language. Instead we had to make a crappy 'port-a-folio' (as she called it) Layme. Anyways, am looking forward to getting a start made on my assignments as it will hopefully hit home that I am making progress, and i will make it to level 3. On with the translation... ♥


  1. Thankyou for following me :)
    you reminded me i need to revise for my german speaking test =| .. paha x

  2. no problem sweety! as you can see i'm new to the blogging scene. i came across yours and thought it had some cool and cute stuff on ! but good luck for the exam if its soon! ♥


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