Tuesday, 2 March 2010

lovely new things !

Hello, my lovelies.

Today is just a mini blog post as i really have not been feeling great the past few days. Woke up with a major coughing attack in the night, I kinda felt like i was dreaming... 

Anyway! Back to the point haha, I wanted to share my fabulous new buys from H&M (where i work)

Shirt £14.99 H&M
(staff discount =£11 :D)

The shirt is amazing I love it cause I can throw it over something for during the day and at that price !! The one thing I will say is it is very small fitting. I had to get a size 14 and the sleeves do come up sometimes but H&M sizing is very iffy. My size 10 friend had to get a size 14 dress once at H&M... not right at all !

Also, for my abundance of nail polishes i bought this really cute Hello Kitty cosmetics bag for only £1!! 

Alas, it is full already so I might have to get another one !

On another positive note, i heard back from one of the PR agencies I applied for work experience to, they said they want me to come for like 2-3 months if I want to get a good understanding of the business.. scary commitments ! So I have some big decisions to make, and I need to beg my auntie to let me come live with her in London for upto 3 months ! ♥


  1. Cute nail polish bag! I love anything hello kitty. Did you indulge in the Hello Kitty Mac Collection last year? It's lovely <3

  2. Thanks ! Yeah, there is so much hello kitty stuff at work too haha.
    Sadly not, however i have seen some of the pieces and its adorable! Im looking forward to the lady gaga lipstick launch in the UK next week! ♥

  3. That cosmetics bag is cute!

  4. isn't it just! Could not resist it haha ♥


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