Saturday, 14 August 2010

officially now 21

Hello my lovely dears !

Again, sorry for the lack of updates, I've had a very busy past few weeks what with it having been my 21st birthday and also my boyfriend's the following week ! Unfortunately I didn't manage to get my beloved dress from my previous posts from Nasty Gal as when I went to order it, it said SOLD! As you can imagine I was hugely disappointed as I'd had my heart set on it. Fear not I found a wonderful replacement in this little number from Topshop, that I purchased in the Oxford Circus branch in London.

I was lucky enough to receive not only one, but two gifts from Tiffany's for my birthday. The 'return to Tiffany's heart tag charm bracelet' and a Tiffany's heart key pendant. It was so great to receive such classic presents as I didn't previously have any special pieces of jewellery before and it made me feel pretty special! I also received a gorgeous angel wing's necklace from Thomas Sabo from my best friend which she informed me signified hope and light, I will definitely be thinking of her and our great friendship when I wear it!

These are the two Tiffany's items below in case you wanted to have a peek!

excuse the scar, I burned myself on a baking tray like a fool!

I had a great week of celebrations, starting with a meal with my bestest friends at the Italian restaurant, Bibi's where we all ate, drank and were merry, and enjoyed some entertainment from an Abba tribute act (hilarious i might add). The following day I went to a Japanese restaurant called Little Tokyo's in town with my mum, stepdad, auntie and my boyfriend. The food was amazing as always, I love a good bento box. Then the following night I had drinks and a buffet at my house along with my amazing birthday cupcakes that I made with my mum before heading out into Leeds for a night out with my friends, from which most of the pictures below are from. After that I spent the weekend at my dad's in Wilmslow and had a great time over there, I feel that this truly was a special birthday.

The princess cupcakes that me and my mum made ourselves completely from scratch !

Oh and a tip for the girls, I used the Nadine eyelashes from the Girls Aloud collection for Eyelure which I must say are FANTASTIC. I received so many compliments about them, and the best one was that they looked so natural. A definite reccommended product !

So now I feel that I've reached the all important age. An adult. A decision maker for real this time. At this moment it only stands to be just over a month before I move away to Madrid for 9 months for my year abroad for universirty. I'm feeling somewhat unprepared and feel I still have a lot to do.. one being checking out what shops there are for me to spend my hard-earned money in whilst I'm there !

I'll leave you with some pictures from my birthday, next post following soon!


  1. Happy b'day to you...Happy b'day dear wishes to you and welcome back....

  2. looks like you had an amazing 21st!! Loving the leopard print so much! xxx

  3. Oh i love your bracelet its so pretty!
    Hope you had an awesome 21st!

  4. gorgeous topshop playsuit, love it!
    & hope you had a good birthdaaay!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)

  5. Lovely outfit!

  6. looks like such fun

  7. Happy Belated Birthday! And I LOVE that's one of my absolute faves and is so classic!

    Great blog! Would love to have you check out mine as well!

  8. Aw yay! Looks like you had a great birthday! :) Thanks for visiting my blog! xx

  9. i love love love the playsuit!!
    looks like you had a great bday, the cupcakes are very cute. i like the bracelet too x

  10. LOVING the leopard print!!

    Amazing blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy.

    Happy Friday! xx

  11. happy birthday, honey. All the best wishes!

  12. aweosme dress! looks like a greta fun!


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