Thursday, 22 July 2010

soon to be twenty one..

So guys, it's exactly 14 days til my 21st birthday, yep 2 weeks how scary!!

I've decided to start looking for a dress and came across this gorgeous dress by Nasty Gal.
I'm thinking of getting it but want some of your lovely fashionista opinions to spur me on!

Dress, Nasty Gal

I love the draping effect, and the combination of tye-dye and grey completely won me over.

You can check out Nasty Gal's latest collection right here!

Let me know what you think! Feel free to share your alternatives/suggestions/accessories to go with it!

♥ Francesca.


  1. congrats on your birthday! how exciting :) happy early birthday. that dress is gorgeous,you will be the life of the party with that dress.i wore a dress similiar to that on my birthday last month.

  2. I love this everything is perfect the colour, the draping and the one shoulder design finishes it off perfectly. I think you will look stunning is this a fabulous 21st birthday outfit xoxo

  3. This is a fab dress. Love the colour and it can definitely be dressed up or down - perfect for justifying buying pretty things!

  4. oh hope u have a fantastic birthday x

  5. Just wanted to let you know I am currently having a giveaway for 6 M.A.C products. If you get a chance, please check it out.

  6. i love it you should definitely get it!
    happy early birthday:)

  7. ohh...happy to know about your about this dress....ohh shoulder design is making this dress sexy and grey color looks unique...hey you look stunning...nice make-up...

  8. haha the picture isn't of me.. it's from the nasty gal website, i wish i looked like that ! ♥

  9. are you turning 21?
    that's great
    I think you'll look so pretty
    that dress is so nice, love that it has only one sleeve


  10. hi this is my first time on ur blog,
    and i love ur blog :D
    come here soon..
    u can follow me if you like or maybe we can follow eachother :)

    love,upworld :)

  11. I hope you will have a wonderful birthday! And that dress is a great choice!

  12. That dress is to die for!

  13. omg yay! hopefully you'll get this dress eh?

  14. I think you should buy that dress, it's fab!!!

  15. i actually love the fact that it has the asymmetrical style to it! :D

    Animated Confessions

  16. Ok, I absolutely LOVE this!!! You can do so much with it :)

  17. wow this is beautiful!!! Love your blog! I've got a giveaway soon!! X


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